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Buenos Aires ice cream parlors to indulge & cool you down

Buenos Aires ice creamIce cream is an ancient, rich and nutritious dessert that can be enjoyed throughout the year and specially in summer, not only for its freshness but also for being one of the few foods that are consumed frozen.

In Argentina ice cream is something very personal and everyone has their favorite tastes, but in our humble opinion, the best ice cream is the home made one because it is completely natural, has no preservatives or artificial colors and worked almost day with real cream, fresh eggs and whole milk so it has a sharper flavor, smooth and creamy texture and natural color.

There are many ice cream parlors: industrial ice cream giant ones, such as Persicco, Un Altra Volta, Freddo, and Chungo that are highly recommended, and humble, home-made exquisite ice cream parlors in BA. Here are the ones we like:

Via Vecchia

It’s a small ice cream parlor that opened two years ago at the corner of Las Heras and Ugarteche in Palermo and offers very rich ice cream classic tastes as strawberry, lemon, peach and melon and some unique flavors of self-creation as chocotorta, pistachio , almond cream, apple cinnamon and walnut cream.

Av. Las Heras 3800, Palermo.

Del Viento

The first store in Buenos Aires opened just three months ago at the luxurious building Bellini in Palermo and already has six other branches, as it is a chain of traditional ice cream parlors and chocolatiers from Comodoro Rivadavia. It has a variety of tastes including typical of Patagonia and cream cassis, natural blackberries, fresh milk with prunes, chocolate pampas, southern yogurt sauce.

República Árabe Siria 3037, Palermo.


Located just a few blocks away from Alto Palermo, this little gem is an example of a traditional neighborhood parlor. Try exotic flavors like Chaja (vainilla cream, meringues and strawberry) Torroncino (dulce de leche, praline, vanilla cream, and caramelized chopped nuts) or any of the 10 Chocolate flavors.

Coronel Diaz 1521, Palermo.


Another traditional neighborhood ice cream shop that opened in 1965 close to Parque Centenario. Ice cream is daily made and served fresh from the machine so they have a much more creamy texture and a delicious taste .

Av. Díaz Vélez 4520, Parque Centenario.