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Top 7 travel apps that will help you on your next trip


Smartphone apps can help you save time and money whenever you are on the road. Here are the 7 travel apps we liked the most, and we want to share them:

1-Find the Best Airline Itinerary for the Lowest Price

The Kayak app is worth downloading: Its sophisticated filters allow to search by criteria such as preferred airports for layovers (Android, iPad, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Phone; free). Find the itinerary you want, then wait till you’re at a computer and book via the airline’s Web site or an ­excellent travel agent (to avoid potential snags caused by online travel agencies).

2-Snag a Better Seat on the Plane

The Seat-Guru app tells you which seats are still available, study their pros and cons (which have the most legroom, which don’t recline, which are next to the lavatory) so you can choose wisely. We’ve heard that sometimes Seat Guru is not accurate, especially for United flights (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch; free).

3-Be the First to Learn About Flight Changes

There are several apps that promise to track your flights and notify you of any ­delays or gate changes, but FlightTrack Pro’s alerts are faster, more accurate, and more thorough than others. Android, iPad, iPhone; $9.99).

4-Eat Where the Locals Liketo Eat

The LocalEats app helps you to find that ­colorful local restaurant just two miles off the highway that you would never have known about. Choose “Nearby” and the app will pull up non-chain spots close to you that are recommended by local food critics. (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch; 99 cents).

5- Convert Foreign Prices into Dollars

The XE Currency app will help you to calculate dollar values instantly, using real-time exchange rates (Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone; free).

6- Know the Forecast

The Weather Channel app tells you what to ­expect hourly throughout the day as well as for the next ten days. (Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone; free)

7- Find a Map Anywhere, Anytime

Maplets provides maps for almost everything: national parks, ski resorts, subways, college campuses, rail systems, and much more. Download the maps when you have a free Internet connection so you can pull them up later when you don’t (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch; $2.99).

Tell us, which one is your favorite?