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Being a sustainable hotel: environmentally-friendly business practices in the Buenos Aires hotel scene

environmentally-friendly Home Hotel

Home Hotel was the first boutique hotel in Buenos Aires to incorporate a ‘green side’ to running a business from the very beginning. Yes, we’re a trendy hotel that happens to be run in an eco manner, and we’re always on the lookout for new ways to become more sustainable.

That’s why we started to include some “green” features in all our rooms :

  1. Custom-made reusable pump dispensers for toiletries to reduce unnecessary disposal of plastics (Did you know?: the average hotel room otherwise discards six small plastic bottles per guest!).
  2. Individually-controlled gas central heating and air conditioning, and low wattage bulbs in the outside areas, to increase energy efficiency.
  3. Electricity cards which turn off the power when your room is empty, and motion sensors in the common areas, so that the lights will never be on when nobody’s home.
  4. Our own specially-developed natural toiletry products.
  5. Solar pannel system to heat the swimming pool.

These are some of the environmentally-friendly business practices we aimed to achieve. Whenever possible, we work with returnable and reusable packaging. We also work with a recycling cooperative, buy meat and other supplies locally, give away used towels and sheets and set aside used oil for bio-diesel.

Other initiatives include:

  • Separating Home’s rubbish at source into specific colours for plastic, cardboard, glass and organic waste, and working with local organisation El Ceibo, which collects and recycles it for profit. For example, they sell the plastics to an organisation which turns used plastics into fabrics.
  • Partnering with community-based company EcoVolta to ensure used batteries from TV remote controls and other electronics are recycled or disposed of properly, protecting the city water supply.
  • Donating plastic bottle tops to the Hospital Garrahan, which uses them in fundraising projects.
  • Donating out of use sheets and slippers to Hogar Buenos Aires, which provides foster care to 55 underprivileged children (www.hogarbsas.org.ar) and  Fundación Si (www.fundacionsi.org.ar).
  • We are members of Responsible Tourism Network (www.turismosostenible.org.ar)
  • We adhere to the “Air Conditioners in 24º” policy of of the Responsible Tourism Network.

Home Hotel is proud to have pioneered ‘eco-design’ and to play an active role in the community. If you have an idea to help us run our business more sustainably, please let us know!